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Fire extinguishers are often your first line of defense to contain and suppress a small fire and prevent it from becoming a large structural fire. Ready access to a properly functioning fire extinguisher is a critical element in fire safety and is a legal requirement for business licensing. To keep your property and its occupants safe and to make sure you are in compliance with the law and your insurance policy, it is important that your fire extinguishers have been examined and certified for operation by a licensed professionally trained inspector. For all your fire extinguisher testing needs, call Relentless Fire and Safety to get the job done!

Depending on the type of extinguisher a 6 or 12 year maintenance is required by law. But these are not part of the typical regular testing routine. For this service, your extinguishers must typically be removed from the site and taking to properly fitted recalibration facilities. However, all extinguishers are required to undergo monthly inspections and a service card is attached to verify the testing has been passed and the inspector must initial them. This can usually be done by the site safety director or a properly trained person who knows what to look for and Relentless will help design a program to meet your needs and teach your staff.

Monthly inspections include basics such as presenting your fire extinguishers in visible locations, ensuring seals are intact, performing physical damage inspections, checking that the pull pin is in place, making sure the instructions and service tags are attached and legible, looking at the hose to see that it is not clogged, loosening the powder inside, reviewing the service tags, etc. Relentless Fire and Safety will gladly teach your staff how to do the monthly check-ups if you are not ready for us to conduct them for you. On an annual basis, however, the inspection must be tasked to a professional, who performs not only the regular tests but also recharges your extinguisher and tests the pressure among other maintenance procedures specific to the manufacturer’s instructions. Contact us now to set up your fire extinguisher testing program for you.

Relentless Fire and Safety is a family business based out of Penticton and serving the South Okanagan region. Our technicians are certified, insured, professionals who take the time to get to know our clients’ specific sites and needs so that we can do our best to keep your property and loved ones safe and free from harm. We look after our clients’ safety the way we would want someone to look after our families if the roles were reversed. We believe in keeping clear and open lines of communication so that you understand both the process we conduct and the reasons why we make any recommendations if any are needed.

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