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Have you ever noticed those little round lights with boxes attached to them in seemingly odd places on the wall? This is part of your emergency lighting system and they will help you find you see in the dark when the system has been triggered! In the event of an emergency, or even a power outage, it is required by law that your business maintains operational emergency lighting and signage so that occupants may have an organized and safe egress from the building and perform any emergency shutdown procedures if required. Signage must be tested in accordance with safety legislation, so to keep you in line with safety codes and give you peace of mind Relentless Fire and Safety has the certified professionals to handle all your emergency signage and lighting testing needs!

It is important that the batteries in the lighting system are regularly tested are charged so that the equipment works when an evacuation is required. As part of the certified annual inspection, AC power will be disconnected, batteries will be checked for charge and output, and to ensure there is no corrosion damage; light beams will be realigned if necessary; lenses will be cleaned, and a full-function test for half an hour will be conducted. Relentless Fire and Safety lives up to its name when we test your emergency lighting and signage systems because your safety is our first priority!

Emergency lighting and signage is a legal requirement, local codes may vary, depending on where you are located, there are not only national electrical and safety code regulations there are also relevant municipal safety and fire codes that you must be in compliance with. With all these overlapping jurisdictions and their respective policies written in legalese using fire and safety industry jargon that you might not be familiar with, give yourself peace of mind and have your emergency lighting and signage testing conducted by Relentless Fire and Safety’s certified professional technicians. We will be Relentless in our efforts to know all the applicable regulations in your area and bring your emergency lighting and signage systems into compliance with them. This way, in the event of an emergency you can count on your lighting system to do its job because it was tested Relentlessly!

Relentless Fire and Safety is a family business based out of Penticton and serving the South Okanagan region. Our technicians are certified and insured professionals who take the time to get to know our clients’ specific sites and needs so that we can do our best to keep your property and loved ones safe and free from harm. We look after our clients’ safety the way we would want someone to look after our families if the roles were reversed. We believe in keeping clear and open lines of communication so that you understand both the process we conduct and the reasons why we make any recommendations if any are needed.

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