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Fire alarms save lives! A malfunctioning fire alarm can mean you do not know that your place is on fire until it is too late, major damage has already been done, people are in danger, and the response time of the fire departments has become perilously delayed. This is not a problem that you want to have. To make sure that your fire alarm system is functioning properly, contact Relentless Fire & Safety!

Fire alarm systems provide early onset detection and announcement to building occupants. This alert process is designed to provide ample warning to guarantee public safety and give plentiful time for people to exit the building in a calm, safe, and orderly fashion in order to clear the path for when the Fire Department arrives to respond to the emergency and to provide as much advance notice to clear out before they get doused by the fire sprinklers. As you can see, your fire alarm system is a multi-component apparatus that is designed to maximize safety and help coordinate emergency procedures during a fire. Do not put just anybody in charge of your fire alarm system, get trained, certified professionals from Relentless Fire & Safety to keep your fire alarm in good order.

It is a matter of BC Fire Code as well as local and national industry standards that Fire alarm inspections are properly conducted. In the event of a fire, your insurance may be void if it is discovered that you have not kept your fire alarm system up to the required standards. Relentless Fire & Safety earns its name by being “Relentless” in our professionalism, in employing industry best practices, and in the attention to detail that we guarantee when we inspect your fire alarm system.

Relentless will begin with a visual inspection to ensure location and visibility are optimal, and that no physical damage has occurred that might affect system functions. We then test to ensure all components are working properly thorough detailed inspection at the correct intervals. We note any concerns that we find and recommendations that we make so that we can address any immediate problems and provide you a comprehensive report within 72 hours.

The control panel, initiation devices, early warning annunciation, sprinklers and Fire Department notification systems are all subject to inspections and testing. To catch issues in any of these components before they become problems, regulations require monthly as well as annual inspections for the different parts of your fire alarm system. Some components require basic weekly inspections and Relentless Fire and Safety is glad to teach you or your staff what they need to know for the weekly routine when you sign up with us for your monthly and yearly inspections.

Relentless Fire and Safety is a family business based out of Penticton and serving the South Okanagan region. Our technicians are certified, insured, professionals who take the time to get to know our clients’ specific sites and needs so that we can do our best to keep your property and loved ones safe and free from harm. We look after our clients’ safety the way we would want someone to look after our families if the roles were reversed. We believe in keeping clear and open lines of communication so that you understand both the process we conduct and the reasons why we make any recommendations if any are needed.

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